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This journey is for you if...

  • You’ve written a book, and you want to know what to do next

  • You're ready to go from where you are now, to holding a copy of your very own book in your hands!

  • You’re seeking someone to walk you - and support you - through the entire book publishing process

  • You want to know how to find an editor, formatter & cover designer for your book

  • You dream of seeing your book selling on Amazon, and other retailers worldwide

  • You want to learn how to successfully market your book, sell lots of copies, and make passive income while you sleep

What this journey looks like

  • 1


    • A message from Shani

    • How to get the most from this journey

    • We are here to help you!

  • 2


    • Intro

    • What can you gift with your book?

    • Important pages for your book (part 1)

    • Important pages for your book (part 2)

    • Let's talk titles

    • It's all in the details

    • Everything you need to know about ISBNs

    • Make art for you

  • 3


    • Intro

    • How to find an amazing Editor

    • Write an exciting book description

    • Your cover story: Design your book cover

    • Formatting your ebook

    • Choosing a printing service (for your print book)

    • Formatting your print book

    • Brief your cover designer (on your print design)

    • Hey soul sister

  • 4


    • Intro

    • Decide on your birth plan

    • Create your account on your chosen publishing platform

    • Upload your ebook to KDP

    • Upload your print book to KDP

    • OR: Upload your ebook & print book to IngramSpark

    • Birth

    • Call on your soul sister circle

    • Create an Author Central Account

  • 5


    • Intro

    • Congratulations, you're published!

    • How to get publicity for your book

    • How to sell more books

    • Thank you, wild woman

    • We want to hear from you!

    • Help other women share their story

You will complete this journey...

  • With a complete how-to guide on editing, formatting, designing, publishing & marketing your book

  • Feeling confident, inspired, and empowered from within - knowing that there is nothing you cannot do

  • With a circle of soul sisters to support you and cheer for you on this journey

  • Holding a copy of your book in your hands!

  • Seeing the book you have poured your heart & soul into, published on Amazon!

  • Making passive income from your book while you sleep

  • Bringing in leads and potential new clients for your business

  • PLUS, there’s also the opportunity to have your book published and/or promoted with us at She Rose Revolution

How this journey works

Access Wild Women Publishing as soon as you enrol

Get immediate access to the online course as soon as you enrol.

Learn through a mix of exclusive video lessons, PDF guides, and downloadable worksheets.

Work through the lessons at your own pace.

Enjoy lifetime access to the course, so you can continue to re-visit it whenever you like!

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Wild Women Writing is the prequel course to Wild Women Publishing, and will help you unleash your creativity, find your voice, and complete the first draft of your book.

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We've got payment plans available, too!

Writing a book transformed my life

Ever wondered how writing & publishing a book could change your life?

Get access to this exclusive video, where Shani shares her personal experience on how writing & publishing a book completely transformed her life; and how it will change yours too!
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What some of our wild women are saying...

“I will never forget the moment I opened the package in the mail, and held a copy of MY book in my hands for the first time! This was a dream for years, and I finally made it a reality. Thank you Wild Women Publishing!”


“I consider myself a fairly strong writer, so writing a book was the easy part. But I had no idea what to do next. This program was exactly what I was looking for. It walks you through the process of finding an editor, getting your book cover designed, creating a publishing strategy, and getting your books printed. I would've spent years trying to figure this all out on my own!”


“I've come across quite a few book publishing courses that are full of empty promises. What made me enrol in Wild Women Publishing is they were completely honest about what the course will give you - no BS or salesy jargon. It's refreshing to find a business built on transparency, and one you can trust.”


“I run my own relationship coaching business, and publishing a book has been a fantastic way to display my knowledge and expertise, and for potential clients to find me. My business has steadily grown, and I'm able to help more people than ever before. I'm in the middle of repeating the course and about to publish my second book!”


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Your program leader

Meet Shani

Shani Jay is the Founder & Chief Heart Officer of She Rose Revolution. She believes every woman has a story to tell, and her vision for this platform was born from wanting to help every woman find her voice, and share her story.

Ask her what she does for a living, and she’ll tell you she holds a mirror to your soul, so you can see how beautiful you already are.

Shani is a bestselling author, and internationally published writer. Her articles have reached and touched millions, while her books have made their way into the hands and hearts of thousands of women worldwide.
shani jay


  • What happens once I enrol?

    Once you've completed your payment via our secure checkout, you will receive your login details, and will have immediate access to the course.

    You can work through the program at your own pace - whatever feels good for you.

  • What do I need to get started?

    All you need is an internet connection, and access to a computer or laptop. You can watch these lessons on a smartphone if you like, but the content will load much faster on a computer.

    You'll also want a blank journal, and something to write with. Access to a printer is desirable too, but not necessary.

    Apart from that, we ask you to begin this journey with an open mind and heart :)

  • Is there a payment plan available?

    We don't offer a payment plan on our single courses, but there is a monthly instalment option available on our bundle packages.

    This includes Wild Women Priestess, and Wild Women Goddess.

  • What's the difference between Wild Women Publishing and Wild Women Writing?

    Wild Women Publishing is designed to help women edit, birth & market a book. This is the sequel program to Wild Women Writing.

    Wild Women Writing is designed to help women unleash their creativity and write a book.

    There is a bundle option available where you can enrol in both courses at a discounted rate. We invite you to check out our Wild Women Priestess & Wild Women Goddess packages for more details.

  • Can I enrol in Wild Women Publishing without having completed Wild Women Writing first?

    Yes, you can. Some women have already written a book, and just need help with the publishing part.

    However, we recommend completing both Wild Women Writing & Wild Women Publishing. This is because they are designed to flow together, and will help you take your writing and your book to the next level.

    Our bundle packages - Wild Women Priestess & Wild Women Goddess - include enrolment to both courses at a discounted rate. Plus, there are payment plans available.

  • How much money will I need to publish my book?

    As a rough estimate, we recommend you have at least $600 to invest in the publishing process.

    This will include getting your book edited, formatted, a cover professionally designed, and ordering proof copies of your book.

  • Is this program suitable if I want to publish a fiction book?

    Yes! The editing, formatting, designing & publishing process is very similar for fiction, non-fiction & poetry books - so this program is suitable no matter what type of book you are looking to publish.

  • Will I receive a certificate for completing the course?

    Yes! Once you complete 100% of the program, you will receive a special certificate of your achievement, which includes your name.

    We recommend framing it and hanging it somewhere you'll see it every day, and be reminded of how awesome you are!